To consult a site since a single file EXE!

You arrested a site (for example with memoweb or teleport pro)
Genial you Voila with a site which you can consult outstanding
But regrettably this site spreads out on about ten repertoires and several hundred files!
Not very practical everything that

Voila how to create a file EXE containing all the site quite there remaining available for consultation!

Method uses Winzip and Winzip Self-Extractor as well as a ShellEx program (cf this below)

If you not possedez not still Winzip (that would amaze me but check) to download the trial version on this page

You have also to have Winzip Self-Extractor (that it is rarer) to download since this page

Explanation of the method:

To download ShellEx program there delphi 113 Kb

TÚlÚchager an equivalent program in +C + 11 Kb! Realized by a colleague