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Print your jackets of CD in VB without seizing anything!
Novelty version 2 connection in the CDDB!
Comming soon song time added

Not have to find of program allowing to print simply the jackets of CD has to leave news to get back by way of CDDB,
I realized this program which uses the object printer.

It(he) prints the jackets of CD without seizing anything due to news got back automatically on the NET.

Indeed numerous programs are capable of identifying a CD grace(favour) has an internal number, they repatriate then automatically the name of the artist, the album and all the songs. For it I used audiograbber or audiocatalyste because they can register(record) in more these news in the file text CDPLAYER.INI.
They is then very easy to use them for my program:-)
A post on planet-source-code supplied me the sources that it missed me, an OCX which allows directly to get back news by way of CDDB!

Impression(printing) is completely customizable:

Of more program is completely WYSIWYG, the outline which appairait has the screen is exactly identical to the paper impression(printing)

On the other hand the limitations of the object printer forced me to print the title of the slice(edge) separately,
One prints so first side then one re-inserts the sheet to print the slice(edge) (in mode(fashion) landscape):-(
I look for the means to print all this at one go if you have solution I am quite heard, write I thank you or modify the supplied sources

Download the version 2.0 of the program with its sources:

You can discover a program to print diagrammatically jaquetes on this site: