Program in version bÍta with these complete sources

Sokoban is a part of my attempts of programming that I did not end
It remains just a little to to finalize him(it)

As it(he) exists a multitude of sokoban (I advise you moreover that of Philippe Galmel), my purpose was to add one more to this game:
I wished to make a sokoban accessible(approachable) to all because it is necessary indeed to recognize that this game is rather difficult and can
To turn out disgusting for some

I wanted so to integrate a help appearing the forbidden compartments:
A speechless compartment is a compartment which a box can not occupy at the risk of making level impossible to finish
In this version the forbidden compartments are so intoxicated

The forbidden compartments are at the moment seized by a player
But it is possible that program takes care of it, forbidden positions are:
In corners(places) (always)
On lines joining these corners(places) (under certain conditions)
Somewhere else (it depends on levels)

I planned also to administer copies and triple forbidden but their utility is much less evident

The other features are also advanced(moved) well such as the publishing(edition) of levels

It is so possible to finish this game quickly if one drops help(assistant)
If it tempts you download so sources