To personalize your installations with VB

Source of the program of installation being supplied,
Here is a version modified to cheer up your installations

The program of VB6's installation being little monothunders here is what I added him(her):
( To see it parallele the FAQ on the use of the pack of déploiment)

To change the gradation
To add message in the bottom
To make apparaitre MessageBox
To make apparaitre images
To modify the position of fenetres
To confirm the installation of the acces in data

You have it have a good laugh to see this eternal degraded blue!
You can now invent the most mad gradations (with my program degrade)
And to post(show) them during the installation!


What gives:

REMARK: I did not touch the fonctionement of the program,
There will be so no more BUG during the distribution of your applications
To consult in that case the FAQ on the problems of installation with VB

To download an example of installation realized with it Setup1.exe
Attention it(he) will walk(work) only on posts(post offices) already having all the DLL VB 6 bus
For a reason of place I did not include them in the CAB