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The control TabStrip becomes finally useful in VB

In passing from Delphi to VB, I was extremely surprised noticing that the control TabStrip did not work during the development
It is not container and it is necessary to add a collection of frames and of the code to feign effect has execution!
Not very practical in a RAD, to develop an interface with this control ask for a big patience.
There are some means to take out it:
To send frames very far to a corner(place) by modifying manually property Pip or Left,
Or to place successively frames behind plan, each the trick but it is far from being fast and practical.

This complement should kill(abolish) the inconveniences of thumb indexes in VB

It allows to put on thumb indexes in the editor VB as in the execution!
To look rather at animation, it is realized without fake ;-)

By selecting a constituent tabstrip in a sheet VB the exact retort appears in the complement, it is the one the that will allow to change of frame.
During the first selection it is necessary to indicate the collection of frame who will be associated to this tabstrip by clicking above with the right(straight) button.
By clicking a thumb index in the complement, the associated frame is going to take place in the foreground, one can then pass of the one in the other one immediately!


The first button protects the sheet and refreshes the contents of thumb indexes in the retort, with the right(straight) button it posts(shows) a menu containing all the tabstrip of the sheet
The second button re-aligns frames inside the tabstrip, with the right(straight) button it allows to choose the collection of frame


In VB one collection of frame begin in zero whereas the collection Tabs of the control tabstrip begins in 1
This version posts(shows) so the frame of index zero when one click on the first thumb index