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To find memory!

Is it(he) not irritating to have 128 Mb of RAM and to arrange that 18 Mb because Windows makes anything!!!
Here is an incredible program, with him one finds quickly the memory,
Look a little at the arrest I throw(launch) Freemem, I have only 18 Mb of free:-(
I ask him(her) to have 64 and I of it throw(launch) him(it), ca walk(work)!
I increase my requirements I want 96, it(he) of it complies and it is still good! Me here is with 96,06 Mb of free RAM:-)
I am going to be able to throw(launch) VB;-)

This program was FreeWare but it it is since improved (execution can etre automatic below a threshold prédéfini) and current versions are paying.
This ancient(former) version (worm. 2) is often sufficient(self-important).